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Grönland från väst till öst, förberedelserna (på engelska)

PS. Ursäkta att jag skriver på engelska, men jag hinner inte annat!

Preparing for an Expedition is a full time job. Sure I have done for many years. Like 35 years. It helps, but I still want to feel that I m in control. Which I am most of the time not. This year it is Expedition defender X, the Cycling Expedition with my daughters and now the Expedition I have prepared for over two years. The crossing of the Greenland Icecap. From West to East. Together with a team of 4 others.
Since I returned from Outer Mongolia i have worked day and night. I only do this, do rehab work, eat lots of fat and try to get us much sleep as possible. Experience have taught me to rest up before a huge effort. I manage all in all an average of 7 hours of sleep a night. The mother of my girls are helping ut a lot. I don´t have to cook, do laundry and so on, just concentrate on what I need to do.
Getting an Expedition like this onboard is challenging, expensive and extremely timeconsuming with an enormous amount of expensive and, oftenly, out of date unnecessary paperwork. Without the help of energetic team members, a professional Canadian-Greenlandic logistic expert and very helpful sponsors, it would have been impossible. Great thanks!
We will be heavy on this Expedition. I am old school eat lots and rest comfortably well. Be prepared for whatever situation. We have a very strong team though, see so we will be slow but well fed and happy!
My daughter Eva will do all the social media work for me. I will call her on the sat phone and send texts to her to publish every day. You can follow the journey here at
The Expedition is in honour of the first Swedish Expedition to Cross the Icecap unsupported back in 1988. Leader was my buddy Lars Wallgren, who i wish was on the trip, but preferred to stay home tend his garden. He will be very much missed! I will bring his book with me!

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