Kungsleden - Granskning av resplanen

Hej allihopa, första gången du publicerar på det här forumet. Jag talar inte svenska så jag använder google translate för att hjälpa :)

Vi planerar att göra den norra delen av Kundgsleden i augusti. Jag hoppas få en översyn av den planerade resplanen:
- verkar det vettigt? finns det något segment som inte är genomförbart?
- är det ett bra val att göra vilodagar i salka och kebnekaise?
- behöver vi verkligen ha hela dagar tillägnad ankomst och avresa, eller kan du vandra på samma dagar?


- anländer från Stockholm, sova i abisko
- abisko - abiskojaure: 15 km, sova i abiskojaure
- abiskojaure - alesjaure: 21 km, sova i alesjaure
- alesjaure - salka: 25 km, sova i salka
- vila - salka, sova i salka
- salka - utsikter: 19 km, sova i utsikter
- utsikter - tarfala: 20 km, sova i tarfala
- tarfala - kebnekaise: 10 km, delvis vilodag, sova i kebnekaise
- kebnekaise - kaitumjaure: 27 km, sova i kaitumjaure
- kaitumjaure - vakkotavare: 25 km, sova i vakkotavare
- återvänd till Stockholm
Hi there and welcome to the forum :)
Which direction did you plan to go from Sälka? Check the name of your 6th campsite again, there is no place called 'utsikter' (that just means viewpoint in swedish).
Hi! thanks for the reply. It's mean to be "Vistas", google translate changed it :ROFLMAO:

So it's:
- salka - Vistas: 19 km, sova i Vistas
- Vistas - tarfala: 20 km, sova i tarfala
Your trip is quite ok, but some distances are rather tiring. From Vistas to Tarfala is "only" 20 km, but a lot of meters in altitude. Only half way is marked trail, the rest must be navigated with a compass in foggy (low clouds) weather. I would probably use two days, but if you are well trained its possible to make it in only one.

I would spend your second extra day in Kaitumjaure in stead of Kebnekaise. Keb is a very popular and crowded place. Kaitumjaure is beautiful and gives you a chance to climb Sanjarcohkka, 1578 m, if weather is ok.

On your last day you must cross the lake Teusajaure. This can be done with a motor-boat or by a rowing boat. If strong wind the trip will be delayed. You must take this in account and maybe have an extra day.

Wish you a good trip!
I would also recommend to split the Sälka - Vistas route in two. Nallo is a beautiful place if the weather is good. Regarding your first day be aware that you cannot camp anywhere in Abisko national park. I think there is one camp site inside the park.

Enjoy your trip!
Thanks for the replies all! Really useful info :)


- I forgot to mention that we're not camping at all, only staying at cabins. So it seems there is no way to split Vistas> Tarfala into two since there is no cabin between them, right?

- Do you happen to know what the elevation gain is between them, or have a link to a resource that has that info? I couldn't find anything.

- I've never navigated with a compass before. Would GPS guiding work over there?


- I was thinking of either staying at the STF cabin in Abisko on the arrival day. Or maybe doing the first 15km right after the train that arrives at 11am. Are either of those possible?
Yes, if the train is on time to Abisko the route to Abiskojaure definitely is doable. But my experience from my last trips to Abisko is that the risk of late arriving train is apparent.
Yes, if the train is on time to Abisko the route to Abiskojaure definitely is doable. But my experience from my last trips to Abisko is that the risk of late arriving train is apparent.
Even if train delays are frequent on this stretch, I would definitely *plan* to go to Abiskojaure the first day, it's a simple afternoon hike. The present requirement to book each stay at STF cabins in advance makes planning difficult. But I still wonder if this rule was strictly enforced last summer - the ability to change dates is ultimately a matter of safety. Bringing a tent makes you much more flexible.
Right, there is no cabin between Vistas and Tarfala, only a small shelter in Kaskavagge, which can only be used i emergency cases.

Vistas is at 600 meters, then you climb to 1000 meters, descend to 900 and then gradually go up to 1400 meters before you go down to Tarfala at 1200. You can use the map https://minkarta.lantmateriet.se/

A GPS can be used only if it works without internet connection.

If you hesitate, an alternative route might be this. Abisko, Abiskojaure, Alesjaure, Vistas, Nallo, Sälka, Singi, Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare. Ok, you will miss Keb and Tarfala, but these places will welcome you on your next trip!
@Celeste_26 -- thanks this is really useful. I was hoping it was the case since it saves me an entire day! I don't think we'll bring a tent tho, in the interest of traveling light. Will just hope that we can make all of our reservations.

@Swift -- thanks this is great, especially for that website!
I would recommend you bring emergency shelter if you don’t hike with a tent.
If something happens between salka and tarfala you need a shelter.
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