Några sajter som uppger sig vara OR / Outdoor Research (friluftskläder mm).
outdoorresearchsverige com
outdoorresearchsverige com .se
Har kollat med officiella sajten, ingen av ovanstående är auktoriserade av OR:

"....not a valid Outdoor Research retailer or an official Outdoor Research website.
Our only official website is www.outdoorresearch.com.
If you have successfully placed an order with a site other than the above listed,, we highly recommend partnering with your bank to cancel or reverse any charges"
Den här ser också väldigt skum ut: onlineshopsverige.com, "säljer Hanwag till halva priset". Varning.

Hanwag bekräftade snabbt:

"Unfortunately, this is not an authorized reseller of Hanwag, and we apologize for the confusion.
Hanwag operates exclusively under www.hanwag.com. Also, please note that our boots do not tend to go on sale."
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