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Cykling på Lofoten från öst till väst

Av: YAsker

I made this trip in 7 days but you can make it shorter. Distances are not very far but I wanted to show Vera both Kvalvika and Kirkefjorden. We had limited time so I decided for those two of my many favorite places. The trip started 6th of september 2015 from Digermulen where Lofoten starts and to  where the road ends.

Day 1 - Avocado accident

This was a beautiful morning where the sun was warming a bit. We made coffee on the beach outside the tent and I was gonna slice avocado for breakfast when I cut myself really deep in the finger. I got dizzy and had to lay down for a while and Ulf got the first aid kit and made a temporary bandage. We packed all together and headed to Svolvær Legevakta. I had to call on the way and the connection was bad. Dr Bain gave me local anestethic and stitched me. A bandage and then I was ready to go back to Digermulen. I was a bit worried about my project but now I could continue even though it got almost 2 pm before we were back at Digermulen again. My friend left me and went home and I started cycling finally.


Digermulen grocery store / cafe / harbour for ferries to Store Molla.



Raftsund bridge.


Basecamp Hattneset.

Day 2 - Vera arrives

It was a rainy morning. I arrived in Svolvær by noon and went to a café until 3 pm when my friend Eline finished work. I was invited for dinner with Eline and her three kids. Then I went to the airport to pick up Vera.



Arriving Svolvær.


Vera is unpacking.

Getting all the pieces together.





We didn't go far today since it got dark so we camped at Kallebukta.

Day 3 - Heading for Vestvågøy

We went up the old mountain road and further on to Ytre Borgfjord where we set camp for the night.


Beautiful Kalle beach. Kalle is also a popular climbing spot.


Looking down from the old mountain road

The old mountain road.

The old mountain road

The old mountain road.



Ytre Barstrand.




Day 4 - Heading for Flakstad

The morning was a bit wet but it only got better. We stopped at the best café in Leknes for several cups of coffee, home baked carrot cake and some charging of cellphone. Before we left we also made sure to bring with us two of those delicious giant cinnamon rolls. We got some more supplies and went up Offersøykammen. Then we continued over to the next island and pitched our tent.

Ytre Borgfjord.

Grannys house

Grannys house.

Sans og Samling

Sans og samling, Leknes.

Best cinnamon rolls ever

Sans og samling, Leknes.






Basecamp Flakstad

Basecamp Flakstadøya.

Day 5 - Heading for Kvalvika

Today we made a stop at Ramberg to visit my friends Martin and Merete with their new family member Iben. We were so lucky to get coffee and fresh black current pie.

Morning at our camp. Stjerntinden behind those clouds.


Flakstad. Also a popular surf spot.

We just passed Ramberg. Skjelfjorden straight ahead.

Packed and ready for Kvalvika. Ulf joined us where the trail starts. Kvalvika is probably known most for the documentary North of the sun where to guys built a cabin from driftwood and stayed there for 9 months mainly to surf...

Kvalvika beach.

Kvalvika beach.

Kvalvika beach.

Vera starting with dinner.

Vera and Ulf on the beach. In the back we see Ryten and Fuglhuk.

Day 6 - Kvalvika - Reine

Back at the bikes! What a lovely morning.

Hamnøya. Festhelltind in the back.

Sakrisøya. Olstinden in the back.


Reine. The magic photo spot where all the tourists stop. 

Waiting for the ferry

Reine. Waiting for the ferry to Kirkefjorden and Vindstad. Photo: Vera

The mighty entrance to Kirkefjorden.

Vera drying the tent in Kirkefjorden.


Heading over to Horseid.

On the other side.

Horseid beach.

Day 7 - Reine - Å

Today it was really hot so we actually took a swim at Kjerkfjorden before we left. When we arrived in Reine there was hardly any visibility at all. We packed our bikes again and continued the last part, Tind, Sørvågen and Å. This is our last night and tomorrow Vera is going back to Sweden. 

Waiting for the boat.

Into the fog.

The old road outside the tunnel.

Moskenes ferry.


Joker Sørvågen. Best service ever. They were actually closed but opened up for us so we could buy some bread.

The center of Å.


Å grocery store. It was closed and so was the bakery which is mainly open in the tourist season. You should go there if you have the possibility.

This is far as you get. This is the end of the road. Otherwise you have to walk to the outermost part of Lofotodden. Maybe that could be another story...

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 Glömt namn/lösen?
2016-02-02 20:28   HotIce_Flash
Jättefint på Lofoten, saknar det mycket när jag läser och ser bilderna!
2016-02-04 13:24   mnd
Jättefin tur. Ingen bil på någon av bilderna, men det är ju inte så många vägar att välja på på Lofoten. Hur mycket trafik får man stå ut med?
Svar 2016-02-07 08:15   YAsker
Hej, det är mest bilar under högsäsongen jun - aug och massor med husbilar som är ganska breda. Och vägarna är ju väldigt smala på sina ställen så man känner sig lite utsatt ibland. Tunnlar är värst tycker jag men en del av dem kan man köra runt på den gamla vägen. Det finns en bra sida med info om alla tunnlar:
2016-02-08 14:22   lorentzdotter
Har haft turen vara där när det var ett fantastiskt väder i juni månad..
en upplevelse som jag aldrig glömmer ...som minne massor med underbara bilder är jag ägare till.
Att tälta måste vare helt perfekt där.
Tack för alla bilder och text.
2016-02-28 20:35   Högländaren
Fantastisk tur och superfina bilder. Det är säkert en stor upplevelse med både cyklingen och den storslagna naturen. Man blir verkligen nyfiken!
Stort tack för den inspirerande och spännande artikeln!!
2016-03-15 13:41   YAsker
Tusen tack før kommentarer!
2016-09-01 10:00   [email protected]
Lofoten är såå vackert, var till Å i Aug 2016
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