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boat on virihaure

Hey hey,

I might ask a question that was raised here before, but since my Swedish isn't too well, I'm afraid I have to ask it again...
I want to cross Virihaure lake from Staloluokta to Arasluokta. I've read this should be possible, but I wonder if this boat goes every day, how long does it take, how many people does it take (we are 12) and, most important of all: how much does it cost. Anybodu here who can help me? Hope to hear something soon - Thanks!!


thanks for the reply. However, I already had that number and tried to call it several times, but I always get an answering machine (no idea what is says unfortunatelly).

The Swedish edition of the BLT website gives the following phone numbers to people in Stáloluokta who by their own account offer boat transfer:

070-3500681 or 0971-370 37
008821650268626 (satellite)

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