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Gammal 2019-03-23, 21:30
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fråga Abisko-Vakkotvarre in the last week of April?


Last year I did Abisko-Keb at the start of April. It was my first nordic ski tour and I really enjoyed this tour.

This year I would like to return and do a similar tour if the weather /conditions permit.

Will there be sufficient snow depth at the end of april to enjoy the skiing? I notice the STF huts close on 02.05.19

Thank you for any advice/opinions.
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Gammal 2019-03-24, 08:34
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It's probably possible to do that tour in the end of april. We were there last week in april last year. The weather had been unusually warm and the snow had started melting. We could ski most of the time, but here and there we hade to take our skis off and walk. In some places the snow was too soft to carry your weight, and there was a lot of water on the ice of the lakes and creeks. Still, we had a really nice week.
Other years there will be winter conditions and lots of snow even in may.
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Gammal 2019-03-26, 19:59
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Many thanks for this information.
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Gammal 2019-03-27, 08:22
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There is in general more snow in the mountains in the northern parts of Sweden at this time, compared to the same date last year. However impossible to predict the weather in one month from now, I would say it is quite likely that the skiing conditions should be fine.
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Gammal 2019-03-27, 09:27
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I've done that tour last week of April/first week of May. On the higher altitudes around 800m+ the snow and skiing conditions are normally OK and still winter conditions, however on the lower altitudes (Abisko in particular, and on the decent towards Teusajaure and Vakkotavaare) spring can have come quite far and the skiing conditions could be challenging (rotten snow, areas without snow plus open creeks and a lot of water). Crossing Teusajaure is also a risk to consider as the ice conditions can change between years and rapidly depending on weather conditions)
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Gammal 2019-03-27, 16:07
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I agree on all smux writes with the exeption that crossing Teusajaure before May 15 shold not be a problem a "normal" spring. I have never heard of any problems crossing before May 15. You can if you feel unsure choose to go west in the Teusa valley and end your trip in Ritsem
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