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Gammal 2011-10-20, 20:51
Jan Vincent Jan Vincent är inte uppkopplad
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(Sarek Region) Rafting Miellädno, Vuojatädno and Rahpa

Jag kommer från Tyskland och jag talar inte svenska. Ursäkta mig.

In August 2012 a friend of mine and I are going to pay a visit to the Sarek national park region in northern Sweden. We are planning a combined trekking and packrafting tour starting in Kvikkjokk, heading north, crossing Luohttolahkto, Kanalberget and Axel Hambergs topp into the Alggavagge. From Alggajavrre (western end of the Alggavagge) on we would like to packraft down the Miellädno to basically Arasluokta. From here on, we will walk north until we hit Vuojatädno. We would then like to raft this river down till Kutjaure/Kisurisstugan. From there, we are planning upon hiking down Ruohtesvagge to Skarja and finally raft down the Rahpa to Aktse. I suppose the whole trip will be 230-280km.
The thing is: I couldn't find any reliable information on the web concerning the possibility to raft down these three rivers. From what I can see on the BD10 and Google Earth, only the Miellädno looks a bit more difficult with some white water passages (probably class 3?)
Has anyone of you been there? Or even done that? Do you think it's doable?

Thank you so much - and thank you Otto for pointing me to this forum!
Greetings from Germany
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Gammal 2011-10-21, 06:49
thureb thureb är inte uppkopplad
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is some information on www in swedish.

Use google translate. And use the swedish words Sarek kanot to find other texts. It is forbidden to use boats or canoes in Rapha between Sarvesjåhka and the park border.

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Gammal 2012-02-24, 15:12
josia josia är inte uppkopplad
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maybe this guy can help you. i can't but am eager to read about your adventure!
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Gammal 2012-03-02, 21:03
EHJ EHJ är inte uppkopplad
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The upper part of Vuojatätno (before Kutjaure) doesn't fall much in altitude and is more or less flat. The current is however quite strong and I'm not sure I would like to take my packraft downstream, the margin for error would be a bit too small for my taste. If you are experienced rafters, you would probably consider it a peace of cake. It's only 8 km long, so the trip downstream will not last long.

If you want alternatives, and want more rafting, you could look up Kaitum. If you start at the top it offers 80 km down to civilisation.
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