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Gammal 2010-05-15, 10:37
flyvan flyvan är inte uppkopplad
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idé The most extreme snowkite competition


I have been in Vake 2010 in Varanger -Norway, the first long endurance kite competition in the world. We were in teams of 2 persons and 17 teams form all europe and russia have took part to the event. It has been an amazing experience and we rode 175km with our kites and pulka... sleeping in the tent while snow storming ...

here a video report about the event.

My team is Evergreen Team and I am italian living in Härjedalen, my team mate is franch from Mont Blanc La Rosiere. You can also see our blog page with the text report here >

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Gammal 2010-05-20, 03:21 är inte uppkopplad
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WhOOOOT! That was a sick trip!, I thought it your post was talking about the Ragnarok! this was epic in comparison!. If you guys are ever down in the south of sweden hit us up and we have at least a soffa for you guys to crash on and show you the nicest spots in the country ; )

If you are down in August you can come with us to support one of our instructors, Mike Blomvall in the world cup (PKRA), the more people to Germany, the better!!!

surferlove guys, thanks for the clip : )
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Gammal 2010-07-18, 09:15
flyvan flyvan är inte uppkopplad
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thanks... very kind.
My friend is from France and i think he cannot come this summer in south Sweden...
and me, i am living in Härjedalen, and me too i am very busy right now.
but very nice that you have liked the video, and yes, nothing to compare to Ragnarock... that's only commercial event... that Vake instead, incorporate the pure feeling of snowkite.

you are welcome here in Härjedalen this winter, doing snowkite in amazing best spot for it

have a nice summer
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