Summit Trips in Sarek

I am planning a longer trip in Sarek and I am hoping to include a few summit trips if weather permits. I am looking for any information on the following summits:
  1. 1. Bulkas from Luohttolahko: I have not found anything about this here on utisdan, however based on the map it seems like it should be possible. From Svenonius one can get there via peak 1780 without any very steep or exposed section, at least that is what the map tells me. One should have amazing views of Njoatsosvagge from up there...

  2. 2. Kanalberget from the South: I have seen descriptions of how to climb this peak from the south, but have not heard of any attempts from the north. Would this be possible? Also, has anyone been at lake 1410? It looks very interesting on the map so I would like to check it out.

  3. 3. Axel Hambergs Topp: I think the standard way to climb this peak is via the northern ridge. Would it be possible to round the mountain from the South via lake 1420 and the ascent via the eastern ridge? I suspect this not to be possible based on the terrain around there, but it is worth a thought.
Any other advice on summits in Sarek is also greatly appreciated.
The directions you are asking about are unusual and clear answers are not very easy to find. ;-) Some of your questions have been discussed here on Utsidan, i e Kanalberget from the north.

Regarding No 1 I found something in Tore Abrahamsson "Detta är Sarek". It´s not about Bulkas but the peak Tsähkkok 1780. In the year 1946 it was climbed from northwest by David Nygren. Therefore it should be possible also to reach Bulkas from that direction (but that was not your first choice I understand). Abrahamsson also mentions a climb of peak 1780 from southeast (the same year 1946, by 3 persons).

The scientist Axel Hamberg seems to have climbed some peaks here 1897 from the east. He mentions Bulkas as an easy peak to climb. It´s not exaktly clear how many of the peaks he actually reached.
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Thanks for the insightful answer! The unusual nature of the routes up the summits is an extra attraction for me. I have just remembered that I have purchased the new laser scanned 1: 25000 map of Parte. It seems to be quite useful for planning summit trips.

Based on this map you are right, it is Tsahkkok that is the problem. More specifically the descent from the ridge between 1787 and 1773 to Bulkas. It seems the terrain may be too steep to make this ascent there, so one may have to approach from Jiegnavagge for a smoother ride. It may also be possible to follow the above mentioned ridge between 1787 and 1773 all the way to 1773 and descend there, but one can only judge how exposed this ridge is once standing on it.

I would like to climb Bulkas as it is such an iconic peak that dominates the view from Njoatsosvagge. I expect there to be great views directly down towards the lakes. I think Bulkas would actually block some of the view if looking from Tsahkkok.

It may also be possible to follow the above mentioned ridge between 1787 and 1773 all the way to 1773 and descend there, but one can only judge how exposed this ridge is once standing on it.
I guess this is the best choice, to first reach 1773. It´s somewhat strange that Hamberg wrote "Tsäkkok (1784 m) is without problem reachable from east, and from there one can easily go up to Pulkas...". Sarekfjällen (1922); the height 1784 m is probably from the old map from 1890. I have not checked which of the peaks he ment but I guess it should be 1787 on your map (before it was regarded as 1780 m as I wrote before).
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