Kebnekaise till Ritsem via Sirččám och Gágirjávri / Teusajaure

Ok, it seems like I was mistaken! But mind you it is close to the maximum flow calculated for that specific date in the 1981-2019 time span. It is not at all near the average yearly maximum or the highest calculated maximum.

Your report is encouraging, maybe I'll give this ford a try at some point. Thank you!
Ok, I took a look again and to illustrate my point, the highest calculated maximums for 20/8 and 29/8 respectively are 80m³/s and 82m³/s so the closeness to maximum depends on the date. From the spread sheet we get the calculated average high, which is 138m³/s (usually occurs during spring run off).
Yes, crossing at spring flood water levels would be somewhat suicidal. The 2nd half of August generally seems to be a good time if somebody wants to give it a try at lower water levels. The rather impressive water volume per second even in August is mitigated by the fact that the crossing is very wide (I guess 100 m or so). The crossing takes 10 min at most incl. a rest in the shadow of that black stone. The water was actually not cold, however I used trailrunners and neoprene socks on that occasion.

In any case I guess that Sirččám ford is mostly for a few people who like to get away from it all, and probably one should not wish for a larger stream of tourists to enter that place. Fortunately it's well protected by mountains and swamps on all sides! :)
The river stretch itself is probably well visited by fishermen coming from the fishing camp but the area surrounding it is pretty desolate. The central parts of the Sjaunja nature preserve is most likely one of the most desolate areas you can find in Sweden and yes I hope it stays that way too!

At the site of your crossing the river is ca 150m wide (as meassured on an areal photo).
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