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Gammal 2017-10-10, 11:01
omni96 omni96 är inte uppkopplad
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Sarek, buses summer 2018


I'm planning to hike Sarek on June 2018 with a friend.
We were looking on Länstrafiken Norrbotten's website but couldn't find timetables for 2018, and their online support wasn't very helpful.

I was able to find this line 93 timetable but it says the line on starts at 16/06, should there be any buses sooner? We are planning to start on the 15th.

Also the timetable for line 47 here is only for August-September. Should there be any buses on June 26-27?
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Gammal 2017-10-10, 11:12
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The definition of "summer" can be a bit different for Sarek!
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Gammal 2017-10-10, 11:36
undvall undvall är inte uppkopplad
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Well, god luck!

The reason there probably is no busses that early is simply because it is considered to be before the actual hiking season begins. If you look at the link below you will get an idea how Sarek was in end of May and mid June this summer.

/ Stefan
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Gammal 2017-10-10, 11:38
smux smux är inte uppkopplad
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The timetable for the busnext summer would probably be avaiable somewhere in May timeframe next year as they try to sychronize with the trains.
Note that beginning of June isto early to plan a Sarek trip, hiking season starts in the later part of June provided spring and the beginning of the summer sin't to cold.
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Gammal 2017-10-11, 12:52
omni96 omni96 är inte uppkopplad
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For some reason I thought the season I the same as for the Kungsleden, and since I hiked it the end of the season last year I believed it will be the same

Now I can see in my book that one should start hiking after the midsummer, and that the Skárjá bridge should be available only then

So, the only thing left to check, since I'd like to order my flights ahead of time, is whether I can take a bus from Luleå to Ritsem on the 2/7 and from Kvikkjokk to Luleå on the 14/7.

I'm worried about line 47 from Kvikkjokk. Does anyone know if it's available from July?
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Gammal 2017-10-11, 13:19
smux smux är inte uppkopplad
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From Luleå to Ritsem, the best way to travel is by train from Luleå to Gällivare and then bus towards Ritsem (depending on where you wish to step off). As you correctly wrote, the bridge at Skarja is normally not placed in position before last week of June (weather dependent), and also the boat (M/S Storlule) from Ritsem to Änonjalme (in case you wish to start there) isn't starting it's traffic until end of June. Last summer the first tour was on June 28, which normally also corresponds to the bus from Gällivare.
https://www.svenskaturistforen ... em/battider/

If you however wish to start at Saltoluokta, the boat från Kebnats (M/S Langas) has an earlier start of season.

For the bus from Kvikkjokk towards Jokkmokk, I can't see that there should be an issue in mid July,
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Gammal 2017-10-11, 15:28
Henning K Henning K är inte uppkopplad
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I can't say at what date the bus to Ritsem will start next year, but it might be around the same time as this year.
But as smux wrote there will be no official boat over the lake at Ritsem, the STF station opens on the 21. of June.
https://www.svenskaturistforen ... /stf-ritsem/

About the bus 47 from Kvikkjokk I have bad news for you.
This bus will not run from mid June to August!
But of course this is absolutely no problem, as there will be line 94 instead which runs all the way from Kvikkjokk to Jokkmokk and further on to the railway station in Murjek.
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Gammal 2017-10-12, 07:15
omni96 omni96 är inte uppkopplad
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That's great!
So I have one last thing to worry about
Going to booking the flights now then
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Gammal 2017-10-12, 09:07
smux smux är inte uppkopplad
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Hi, just for your planning. The buses towards Ritsem and from Kvikkjokk as well as the trains in northern Sweden isn't very frequent why I from experiance know that it will be hard for you to get to/from your starting/finishing point and Luleå Airport in the same day. I would plan for an additional night in each directlion between your arrival or departure flights at Luleå Airport and Ritsem/Kvikkjokk.
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Gammal 2017-10-12, 16:59
omni96 omni96 är inte uppkopplad
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Thanks, I'll take that in mind
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