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Gammal 2010-07-06, 12:01
CaverJones CaverJones är inte uppkopplad
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Insurance for caving abroad

I'm going on a caving expedition to Montenegro, does anyone know a Swedish insurance company which covers expedition caving (i.e. exploring new caves)?
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Gammal 2010-07-06, 21:12
Kalle G Kalle G är inte uppkopplad
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When we (SSF) went to France a couple of years ago, we tried to find an insurance that covered expedition caving. An SSF member thought that he had found such an insurance company (Gouda reseförsäkringar), and several of us signed for it. They explicitly claimed to cover "cave descending" and "cave walking(?)".

However, a member that was more sceptical than the rest of us, and explained in more detail what we were going to do, and what would take to organise a rescue, and then he got another answer: "No, our insurnace does not cover THAT."

You can check Gouda, but be sure to find out what their claims really mean when it comes to rescue. If the insurance cover e.g. expedition mountaineering and climbing, it may include caving...but still, cave rescue is a bit trickier...

Afterwards, we got the tip that it would be better to enjoy a british caving club, but I don't know if it's that easy (to enjoy and if it solves the problem).

Kalle G
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Gammal 2010-07-14, 16:05
CaverJones CaverJones är inte uppkopplad
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Excellent, thanks for that: they were really helpful, and insured me even after I explained that we were looking for new caves. Now I just hope we find something....
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Gammal 2010-07-17, 12:08
Johannes Johannes är inte uppkopplad
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Great news! I'm the sceptical member, and I have (had?) the conversation on e-mail somewhere, but it is good to hear that they have changed mind (or was it only the opinion of the individual handling officer?) -- make sure you have the insurance conditions in print!

You can also join a foreign society that have world-wide caving insurances; the British (as far as I understand) cover only members living in GB so that's not the best option for us; I'm member of the Austrian caving federation and they have an insurance covering all members wherever they live, for caving accidents wherever they occure (via the mountaineering organisation . The Polish cavers have their world-wide insurance via another Austrian organisation (the mountaineering organisation OeAV) but I do not know if that one is accessible for foreign members...

The Swedish climbing association (Svenska Klätterförbundet) also have an expedition insurance, but if that one cover accidents in caves (while climbing?!) I do not know...

By the way, now I'm very curious about you and the expedition to Montenegro! Could you please contact me on e-mail? I have some questions! ([email protected])

Good luck in Montenegro!!! / Johannes
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Gammal 2010-07-23, 13:18
CaverJones CaverJones är inte uppkopplad
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Ha! Gouda were fine with the caving part, but wouldn't insure me for any climbing (!?!). So I swapped to Europeiska, who covered both. Seems like a good policy http://www.europeiska.se/en/Pr ... nce-Extreme/ if anyone needs anything similar in the future.

Johannes, I've just emailed you!
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