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Gälkhyttedamen sörmlandsleden

Album: Sörmlandsleden

Pilthyttedammen Nature Reserve
In the Pilthytteammen you can hike a round loop along marshes and water. It is a popular roaming area with very old forest that has both windshields and nice resting places.

Hike Sörmlandsleden's round loop
Most of the 6.5 kilometers round loop goes through the varied nature of the Pilthytteammen with fine forest, water mirrors and cultural environments. At the Overdammen is a windshield where you can grill.

The ponds in the reserve are from the 1400-1500s
The nature reserve's water areas, the Pilthytteammen and the Overdammen, are regulated. The spring flows are stored in the ponds, which means that there are high water levels during the vegetation period. The water is then departed gradually during the winter. The ponds are derived from the 1400-1500s when they were built in connection with the iron handling in the area. This activity ceased around 1600.
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