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Gammal 2018-06-05, 06:36
robertvernon08 robertvernon08 är inte uppkopplad
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La Sportiva Katana?

Hey, I’ve been looking at my first pair of shoes to buy, I’ve been climbing about a month or two frequently at the gym, just started working on 5.10s climbing on rentals. I plan to once my skill level gets there start sports climbing on real rock. I have been researching a lot on buying my own pair. There are just a couple questions I wanted to ask

First, how is everyone experience with the katana, I feel like they are a good compromise between comfort and performance, a good compromise for someone at my point in climbing. How does it hold up compared to an Evolv Pontas or Optimus prime?

Also you can argue with the price your paying you might as well be getting Miura vs which is a much more advanced shoe but I'm afraid my skill level will not make the uncomfortable fit, being so aggressive, worth the advantages of it I probably wouldn't be using for maybe a year down the line. Could I then not feel bad about paying around 130 for these shoes?

Any suggestions on any other shoes?

Sorry for the long post but I've spent a lot of time researching and these issues are where I come up short at.

Thank you so much
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Gammal 2018-06-05, 09:03
Danne W Danne W är inte uppkopplad
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Buy a comfortable pair that fit your feet, otherwise you wont be able to climb a lot! You can climb harder routes if you wear shoes that doesn't hurt, it is more about climbing technique than the shoes. Comfortable shoes that is not super thin, so you don't have to resole or buy new ones often.

Senast redigerad av Danne W den 2018-06-05 klockan 09:22
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