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Gammal 2012-02-25, 11:55
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Mr. Håkon Friberg,
I will first say Happy Birthday and welcome you to the club of 60-somethings. I am from
California USA and know enough Norwegian to read this blog but it is better, for you and me,
that I write in English.
Second I will say that I have really appreciated this forum, and especially your blog about
your trip from Tarfala up the jo-jo trail, over Bossoscohkka, through Unna Vistasvaggi and
then your incredible adventures through Moarhmmar and on to Abisko. What a feat!
I am able to offer nothing in the way of advice when it comes to Unna Allakas only a quick tale if you have a minute. In August 2007 I came to Abisko to hike on the Kungsleden having no real experience backpacking. I got to Alesjaurestugorna on the second day and was planning to go to Vistas, Nallo, Tjatjka and then to Abisko. But I was advised that I should not go alone through Siellamavaggi. Being one day short of 60 years old I had enough wisdom to listen and instead spent the next day hiking over to Unna Allakas. Coming down on the north side of Stuor Allagas I missed the turn to the west and continued down to the river and, bog and of course much ossier. But I had done a lot of research on the maps and Google Earth and knew where I was. Then the ossier tore my BD6 out of my pocket and I lost it. It was a nice day though and I found the hut after an hour or two of wandering through the brush. A lesson was learned.
The next day I joined with 3 Swedes and went to Abiskojaure and then on to Abisko. All in all
it was a memorable 60th birthday at Unna Allakas. I hope yours there is as rewarding.
Now with a little more experience and the help and advice from the great people on this forum I plan this summer to take on a hike from Abisko through Ballinvaggi, over Mårmapasset, to Nallo and have a look at the pass between Pyramid and Knivkammen. After all I will be 65 this August and what better way to celebrate that than to be in the Swedish fjell! (And I am 1/2 Norwegian and saying that-
Thank you Wayne. It feels greate to have a reader that far away. I have written in you guestbook.
When do you plan to come here this summer? I will walk the opposite direction together with my Lifepartner: Tarfala - jojoj - Nallo. From there we don´t know yet, but the goal is Abisko.
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