Route info, diagrams and graphs

The part of the site for people who like statistics and for those who want to try out some of the routes I've cycled.

Many parts of the world is full of interesting mountains. I've always been interested in diagrams and statistics, therefore I've tried to keep a detailed logbook about the topography. Most of the diagrams etc. are self made, some have been completed with help from other travelers who have been in the same areas.

The gear I've used:

The Chinese Routes. ....

The Routes in Central Asia.

Other Asian routes.

Some other routes will also be mentioned here. Some distances can be a bit off, due to my laziness/malfunctioning speedometer/other reasons. If you use them as a "guide", be a bit careful and don't trust them too much, they are pretty crude.

The Ultimate page for all climbing/uphill fanatics! 
All major passes in Europe, complete with search engine, graphs, etc! 

All graphs on the following pages are minimized, click on them to get a bigger one and more details.


I've used a lot of abb's to make the diagrams smaller and easier to read. Here's a list of most of them.

RCC = Road Construction Camp
LP = Lowest Point
HP = Highest Point
Rest. = Restaurant
Hot. = Hotel
TO = Turn Off
Everyt. etc. = You can find hotels, shops, restaurants etc.
X = Measure point, usually in the middle of nowhere
Wat = Water
Vill. = Village
CP = Check Point
Plat. = Plateau
Settlm. = Settlement

There may be some other ones...use your imagination.

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