Two other Chinese Routes.

No graphs or detailed information. The altimeter didn't work on the Kuqa route and on the Bamda Valley route I was more concerned about staying away from the PSB than taking notes...Maybe of some help anyway.


The Route: Small, good asphalt roads 'til you hit the foothills of the Tienshan. Shop in the Dragon Lakes area. Long, medium steep (6%) climb in an amazing switchback section  to approx. 3100m. Mostly bad dirt track. 2km long tunnel (no lights!). 400 vert. meters downhill, approx.100km on the flat grasslands before Bayanbulak, Keep a low profile in this place. Many travellers have been arrested and fined here. Short climb to small pass. Long downhill to lower, lusher and warmer areas. Easy flat cycling to Yining/Ili. Watch out for PSB, especially if you choose to go on the most southern road.

Bamda Valley-Riwoqe.  

The Route: Detour from the Dali-Lhasa Route. Watch out for aggressive dogs and people along the way. Rock throwing, robbery attempts along the way. gradual short climb to a 4360m pass. Long switchback downhill to approx. 3000m. Qamdo at approx.  3200m. Long in parts steep climb on very bad road (last part) to the next pass. Altitude approx. 4600m. Long downhill to Riwoqe, 3500m. Caught by the PSB in Riwoqe and was sent back. Stunning scenery! Both Chinese and Tibetan truck drivers warned me for Murder, armed robberies and "insane people" on this route. Watch out!

Photos from Kuqa Route, 1997 and 2000.

Photos from Bamda Valley Route.

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