Chang Tang:
Haven't had any time to update the site about last year's adventure, but I'm working on it.
Some basic info is up now.


90 days in Argentina was not long enough. We climbed quite a lot of peaks, but I felt like staying much longer and climb a plenty of more mountains.

A list of the peaks I climbed
and some very basic info posted.

The southern part of the Chang Tang: vast, barren and very desolate. China, 1997. I started in 1994 with a trip to the Karakorams in Pakistan and since then either been on the bike or dreaming about being so. My journeys have taken me to about 50 countries and a distance of approximately 82 500km.

This site will give you a little insight about my life on the road and I hope there is something for everyone here, regardless of if you're a hard-core world tourer or an armchair traveler.


The three main reasons why I love this kind of life are:
The curiosity for the unknown.
The wonderful scenery this diverse planet has to offer.
The challenge of the cycling itself.

Habitual boredom and "every-day-is-the-same-life" is another very good reason...

At the beach of Karakol Lake, Tajikistan, 2000.


Albert negotiating the roadconditions in Tibet, 1999. Future plans.  
Much more mountaineering!
Mt Kenya is the first target and early next year I'll head for South America. My bike will be loaded with mountaineering gear and it'll probably be a lot of zigzagging over Los Andes. Many nice peaks there...


The site is about my five main bike trips. The travel pages are photo based and does not necessarily contain the photographically best photos, it's the ones which tells the stories about "life out there".
Portrait, nature and some other photos will end up on the photo pages later on. 
Syrian desert, As Suchnah, 1994.


Xixabangma Feng one of the mighty 8000'ers. China, 2000. From the first page on this site, you can easily see that I love mountainous areas. All my life I have also been interested in statistics and therefore I started to make graphs of the hillier parts of the routes I have cycled. 
Route info with graphs and diagrams.


Gear is, from my point of view, a pretty boring chapter. What it all comes down to in the end is your legs, determination and the ability to improvise. 
Links to cyclists, travelers, information sites, online resources.
On a dodgy bridge. Kyrgyzstan, 2000

I am always happy to get e-mails. Feedback, suggestions, questions etc. to

A lone donkey, Kyrghyzstan, 2000.

Crossing the Tsangpo, China, 1997.

The chase for Karamiran Shankou and a route to the Tibetan high plateau, china, 2000.

Towards Pik Engels, Tajikistan, 2000.

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