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42 anledningar till att jag älskar Victorinox...

42 Uses For the Corkscrew

1. Opens corked bottles (duh!)
2. Untie knots.
3. Pry the battery out of a cell phone.
4. Screw it into a wall and hang your coat on the SAK.
5. Staple remover.
6. Smooth out the hole you just made with the reamer.
7. Clear clogged faucet sprayer.
8. Bicycle tire valve tool.
9. Holds the micro screwdriver.
10. Pick gravel out of tires.
11. Rip open a blister package.
12. Ice pick.
13. Mark a pilot hole.
14. Clean mud out of shoe soles.
15. Knot the end of a cord. Thread it through the corkscrew. Handle.
16. Pop balloons.
17. Aides in sewing.
18. Clean mud out of sprinkler heads.
19. Push used snare wire through it, to straighten out the wire and remove coils or kinks.
20. Pulls the drain plug out of a tub.
21. Open the corkscrew and screw it tightly into a broomstick-thickness stick. Now open the blade. Tie it securely. Survival spear for fishing.
22. Hang the SAK from a piece of cordage from the ceiling. Plumb bob (I have the middle of the handle marked on one mine).
23. Corkscrew + a metal lid = a filter or wire mesh for cooking.
24. Carry a chunk of C4.
25. Pull frozen shoestrings tight, or help loosen them.
26. Helps get the innards out of a squirrel.
27. Gets the candle stub out of a candle holder.
28. Start fights on multitool forums.
29. Remove the fuel filter from a lawn mower.
30. Although the new corkscrews are 4 turns, you can use them for range estimation.
31. O-ring remover for your flashlights.
32. Pry out partially-exposed nails.
33. Tighten the apron strings on a wrestling ring.
34. The inside diameter of the corkscrew is 1/4". I'm sure you know what you can do with this.
35. Open just a small hole in a coconut.
36. Lift stuck items out of boxes.
37. Fish the tape out of a clogged VHS tape.
38. Remove patches from a flintlock gun.
39. Remove the inside of a shotgun shell, making a blank. Remove the wad and powder too.
40. If you don't want the mini screwdriver, the corkscrew can hold a ferro rod.
41. Tap a tree for sap.
42. Undo zip ties without breaking them.

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