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again, I must apologize for my use of english. I'll be flying into Stockholm in a few days and I'll need to buy a gas canister (butane/propane, Primus or whatever else brand) as I cannot fly with it. I'll have a few hours in Stockholm on saturday morning and I'll be staying at the Backpackers Inn in Banérgatan 56, then taking the train from the central station. I'd welcome addresses for shops in or near the area where I can find a gas canister. It should be easy but it's quite critical for my trip, no need to explain why.
Thanks in advance, regards,
gas canister


There is a "Naturkompaniet" shop on Odengatan 50, 2,5 km from your backpackers inn. Go to browse in to "vägbeskrivning" and type in the two adresses and you will get the direction. Or better still ask at the inn and they can give you directions in english. Odengatan is a well known street and everyone living in STHLM will know it. Naturkompaniet carries all kinds of stuff that you´ll need for a hike in the mountains.
There are also several more Naturkompaniet stores closer to the inn; at Kungsgatan near Stureplan you will find no less than two Naturkompaniet close to each other, and also another similar store called Alewalds. All of those sell gas canisters (I bought a couple there last week). Stockholm is actually teeming with wildlife stores right now, so you won't have any problems finding gas or other equipment you might need.
Even closer...

to the train station you have:

Sportkompaniet TipTop
Kungsgatan 32 (just 25 m up north of the crossing with Vasagatan, where the station is)
Phone: +46 (0) 8 21 90 00 or +46 (8) 20 40 22
Open between 10am 3pm on Saturdays

It's just a few blocks away from Stockholm Central Station. .

Easiest way to get there from Banérgatan is to walk Banérgatan to it's crossing with Karalvägen, walk Karlavägen westwards, pass "Karlaplan" and continue to Nybrogatan where you have a bus stop where you can catch the blue bus "1" (final destination Stora Essingen) which stops at Kungsgatan, very close to the crossing with Vasagatan. The bus stops several times at Kungsgatan, "yours' is the 4:th (or 5:th) on Kungsgatan.

Lycka till = good luck
That's a really

neat feature. However, not all of them sell gas canisters, i.e. the one closest to the train station Kartbutiken, why you better call the store in advance.

Not as interesting for you Inaki is that Naturkompaniet's both stores at Kungsgatan are missing.

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