Nordkalottleden Kautokeino -> Kilpisjarvi

Again I must apologize for not speaking swedish (so many things I'd like to know but I don't know...)

I hope you can give me a little help with info on the subject issue. I haven't found that much in a language I can read.

I'm hiking the Nordkalottleden trail this next august/september. I've already got all the relevant maps and some info (in english) from the web and the trail is depicted in all the swedish and finnish maps so at least I know where to go... but I'm quite lost regarding this northernmost section from Kautokeino to Kilpisjarvi. The trail is not depicted in the norwegian topo maps (or rather there are trail depictions which don't really match the brief route descriptions I've got) so I'm a bit lost regarding this section.

I know... this is a swedish site and that section lies entirely outside sweden... you might tell me to go to some norwegian website and ask there and you'd be right but I don't know any and even if I did, the thing is for me it's difficult even to register, not knowing the language. I was able to register here because I got some step by step instructions in english from some helpful soul out there.

Anyway, I write here in hopes any of you has hiked this section and can give me some advise. How is the trail in general? Is is easy to follow? Is it well marked? Will I be able to hike it with just the topo maps? Any potential or sure difficulties worth mentioning?

Actually, anything helps, whatever little bit of info will be useful.

Thanks in advance, take care

I suggest you ask the same question in the Norwegian website

Look for the following section to become a member: "Topics in English “
Click on: "English section" and then "Register" in the upper left corner.

You can put your question in the "Fjellvandring" (mountain hiking) forum in the section named "Fjell og Friluftsliv".

You may also put it in the "Finnmark" forum in the Temaforum "Områder" (area), I believe the section of the Nordkalotten trail you are asking about is located in the Finnmark area.

To write a question click: "nytt emne".
Write your question and then press "Forhansvisning" for preview or "Send".

Good luck
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