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Holland verkar helt magiskt

Vet inte var

Jag vet inte var de angivna platserna ligger, men om ni vill till norra Holland så kan man flyga från Skavsta eller Göteborg till Bremen och så går det buss till Groningen.
Last chance

Holland is indeed magic this weekend!

The weather forecast talks about warmer weather starting monday evening 12/1/09. I think tomorrow and tuesday will be the last days of good skating in Holland within this cold period. With plusgrader, the ice degenerates faster here than in Sweden. So last chance!
You have to choose

I think some information is on it´s place here. If you come to Holland for skating, you will have to choose between two ways of doing a tour.

1. The first one is about the page you linked to: those are organized tours done by iceclubs from the local villages, with permisson from the Royal Dutch Skating Association (KNSB). The tours are on thick ice, marked with signs and plogad if there is any snow. Like Vikingarännet in Sweden. Expect to be thousands of people there on the track in weekends. Almost nobody steps out of the track.

2. The second one is more like the Swedish way of skating. Take safety equipment, organize a small group of people and start exploring the ice yourself. You must know more about local situations: most canals are OK, but some not, which one are they? Why is this small lake open while some very big ones (like Gouwzee and Veluwemeer) are closed? It is very complicated in Holland, mostly because of the water pumping we do to keep our lowlands (polders) dry.

Of course you can do a mixture of both ways: start on a marked tour and when you see good ice, step out of the track and explore the canals and lakes yourself. But expect that you will attract a lot of attention with your ispikar, ryggsäck, isdubbar och livlina: a lot of people will be curious why you bring all the stuff while skating and start to ask questions to you.

HLSK is skating the Swedish way in Holland. A lot of people on the ice are calling us "nordic skaters" because of the ispikar, they think it is a sort of Nordic walking. And we reached the newspaper Parool with it!


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