alpin rock climbing in sweden?


Sorry, jag prata bara lite svenska till nu! Jag kommer fran tyskland och jag studerar i borlänge.
Men jag prata inte än mer svenska och darför jag maste fortsätter i engelska.

So it sounds like I would be interested in some alpine rock climbing in swedish mountains...
...does anybody have information about this topic around Sarek or Kebnekaise?
...this leads to the next question: I need a partner for mountaineering/rock-climbing etc. in/around june/july!
I would also be up for some mountaineering without glaciers in the mentioned regions or any other option in the mountains or for trips to norway for some reachably big stuff including more-day-approaches or necessary work like that... :) abilities: on trad in the mountains I would go into grade 5 UIAA(pure trad lets say up to 400-500 meter routes), sport-trad grade 6/6+, sport 7/7+ on lead. no problems with more-day-walks etc...
I´ve got all the gear with me except glacier-gear because I don´t have glacier experience, only enough alpine rock-climbing experience in the alps and some in new zealand...
...the gear is: two 60m halfropes, personal safety gear, 10 quickdraws, enough lockers, trad: 2 tricams, 5 hexcentrics, 2 sets of nuts, 8 cams/friends... only concern is basically to go for some missions in the mountains up here...
...feel free to contact me for meeting up or go climbing together if possible!!

Tack sa mycket....!! :)

kebnekaise area

Hi Simon.

I will work in augusti on the Tarfala station (on the east side of Kebnekaise) and could think about getting there a bit earlier ( 1st week of augusti ) if I had some compagny for a climbing trip.
I just want to warn you that i'm not experienced in alpine climbing, I practice mainly sport climbing on shorter routes, but very intressted in learning about it.
I ve been several time in the area, and hopefully it will be helpful to orientate ourselves.

So if you're on and if you're still in Sweden around august 2-9..
just send me an e-mail on: [email protected]

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