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Gammal 2018-02-23, 19:19
fairgeek fairgeek är inte uppkopplad
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How to get sns binding on Lundhags t-skate?

Help! I bought some Salomon sns equipe boots at stadium after a lot of research into which binding I wanted (pilot) for stability and trying on lots of boots to fit my foot. I need stability because of weak ankles. Anyways, I now have shoes and matching sns bindings and thought the Lundhags t-skate would work fine for both based on descriptions. I went to XXL for their sale on blades but the store clerk said the silver t-skate (called n-skate) doesn't have the holes for sns bindings. I don't know much about bindings. He mentioned that it looked like it would work with thinner screws, but wasn't certain and thought it was risky. All the online descriptions seem to suggest that it should work but he said he really didn't see this as a possibility without drilling new holes.

Has anyone used the t-skate (not the t-skate pro) with sns bindings? How did this work? Is there a secret to attachment? Or is there an older or different model meant for sns bindings... Or does it need different holes drilled?

Separate question: how important is blade size? I wear a 40 and the available sizes seem to suggest that 40cm is correct for size 36-40 while 45 cm long is for 41 to 45. But 45 is much easier to find it seems, is that ok to use?

Sorry for not writing in Swedish. I can understand if you respond in Swedish (or will ask my boyfriend) but I'm not confident with writing my questions in Swedish. I am new to långfärdsskridskor and just started this season. Moved from hockey skates to some fixed heel kids adjustable speed skates I ordered from the Netherlands, I really didn't know I just thought they'd be stable, but after a really slow and painful day hitting cracks at Runn I realized that the blade tip on them is sharp and not the way to go on 10km+ outside. Now I'm moving up to better skates meant for lakes but trying to keep a budget as I'm a student in Stockholm.
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Gammal 2018-02-23, 22:26
Arneri Arneri är inte uppkopplad
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The T-skate got hole patterns for both Rottefella and Salomon. I have heard Salomon is using the same hole pattern for all their bindings, ie Pilot, Profile and Prolink.

Regarding the skate length I think the recommended is good.
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