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Gammal 2019-02-20, 12:40
Sarah_Lee Sarah_Lee är inte uppkopplad
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Hike Jämtland/Valadalen


We would welcome some feedback on multi-day hikes in the Jämtland/Valadalen region. Keeping in mind, we are not bringing a tent and prefer to stay on the designated paths (I understand the attraction of camping and hiking off track, but we have too little experience to feel comfortable with that).

We have isolated three routes, and would like to get a feel for how "crowded" these get in high summer. Meeting some people along the way is no problem, but we want to avoid the "highway" feeling, which you get in some parts of the Swiss Alps for example.
- Valadalen - Stensdalen - Gasen - Helags - Sylarna - Storulvan
- Storulvan - Blahammeren - Storerikvollen - Nedalshytta - Sylarna - Storulvan
- Valadalen - Stensdalen - Valastugorna - Lunndörren - Valadalen

Also any preferences with regard to landscape?

Thank you! (Feel free to answer in Swedish, I will figure it out! :-) )

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Gammal 2019-02-20, 13:41
username2 username2 är inte uppkopplad
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Anything involving Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammaren will be crowded in terms of Swedish fjällvandring. The views here are fantastic though. Make reservations for rooms, sometimes guest have to sleep in the sauna.

Valadalen - Stensdalen - Valastugorna - Lunndörren - Valadalen

I like this a lot. You can add Gåsen to get great views. Fewer people, no electricity, no hot shower / running water / water toilets makes for a more relaxed experience in my opinion. Also two great wood heated saunas. Views not as spectacular, lots of forest. You cannot make reservations for rooms but usually not a problem in my experience, easter is the exception probably.
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Gammal 2019-02-20, 16:25
heme heme är inte uppkopplad
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To avoid the "highway" feeling just choose to go early, or even better, late in the season, check the season range for the huts
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Gammal 2019-02-20, 16:43
Almgren Almgren är inte uppkopplad
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I have a fourth option and the basis is this. Sylarna is crowded but spectaular, you might wanan include it after all. Especially is you can get Helags into the equation.

So here goes.

Vålådalen - Stensdalen - Gåsen - Sylarna- Helags - Vålåstugan - Vålådalen.

Vålådalen, good starting piont. more relaxed than Storulvån. Good sauna and dinner opportunity
Stensdalen, new hut, with Sauna, way there mostly wood
Gåsen, a favoruite, Really godo view from it, upo on the mountain
Sylarna, a splendid place, the most Alpine of the lot, but lots of people (book room), Sauna
Helags, smaller, but just beside Swedens most beautiful mountain (in my opinion). Path between Sylarna and Helags is beautilful, probably best to book room to. But much less croweded than Sylarna. Sauna.
Vålåstugan, have not been there muself, dont really know why.

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Gammal 2019-06-04, 13:21
lumor lumor är inte uppkopplad
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I did this loop last year and thought it was fantastic. Very varied and a lot of beautiful views, things to see.

Vålådalen, Stensdalen, Gåsen, Vålåstugorna, Lunndörren & back to Vålådalen via Issjödalen.

I did it "fastpacking" style with tent, and in 2,5 days but I imagine it's a very nice little hut tour if you want to take it easy.
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