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Gammal 2016-10-08, 00:51
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Släng aldrig fiskekrokar i naturen

Skräp som människan slänger i naturen kan skada djur allvarligt. Se filmen nedan med en gräsand som skadats allvarligt genom att någon slängt en fiskekrok i naturen.
Far too often, we admit patients that are injured by rubbish that is cast aside by people. Litter is very dangerous for wildlife and a lot of deaths could be avoided by just picking it up and binning it. One of the worst cases is fishing hooks stuck in mouths or throats of birds. They usually swallow the tackle all in one; the catch, the lure and the hook. Once the hook is in, it's incredibly difficult to get it out. This female mallard had it tough, with a very big three-prong hook stuck in the middle of her throat... Volunteer vet, Jonathan, came in to help, kindly giving his time during his lunch break. The operation was tricky and what we discovered was shocking...
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