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Hard question

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No problem with weight
I will probably have about 15kg, maybe a bit more

What socks do you use?
I had a coolmax liners and wool socks over them the last time, would you recommend replacing the wool for sealskinz?
I prefer knee-high Sealskinz and nothing more but I do not have sensitive feets. Maybe you need a liner as well.

The problem with the Sealskinz is that they will only last a few days (for me at least) before the membran is punctured. Therefore I don´t use them when the weather is ok, only when it´s a bit cold.

When walking in fair weather I use nylon socks and nothing more.

I have sized my shoes so that when waking in Sealskinz I don´t use any innersoles, only when walking in nylon socks. The reason is that the Sealskinz are rather thick and I hate to big shoes when walking in nylon socks.
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