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Gammal 2017-10-12, 09:33
smux smux är inte uppkopplad
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I'm using Meindl Island Pro, works fine once carefully waxed to keep the water outside of the leather (don't expect Goretex to keep your feets dry). You do also need to be careful that you don't step to deep in water or mud to get wet inside your boots, as they will take days to dry again (there Lundhags or single layer boots are a better alternative).
Once in Sarek, you also need some other type of shoes when crossing streams. For that purpose and as camp shoes I'm using Crocs.

Sarek as compared to the most of Kungsleden is a National Park, and in particular Sarek is well protected by regulations, why I recommned that you study these as well as the safety recommendations to make your hike more enjoyable:
http://www.nationalparksofswed ... y-and-rules/
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