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Gammal 2017-10-12, 07:34
gunwen gunwen är inte uppkopplad
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I have the same tip as Jörgen. I hiked with a Lundhags Vandra ws mid this summer. We had the luxury of staying in cabins during the night. My shoes were dry every morning but my friend with a goretex shoe were still completly wet.

When I bought my shoes I did it with the assumption that I'm a clumpsy person who will get water in my shoe eventually. Then I wish to have an extra sole and pairs of dry socks and my shoe will be dry again. That is the advantage of a single layer shoe. The down side is more maintenance of the shoes and that there is a longer time for breaking them in, I have not had a single blister but the shaft was a bit hard in the beginning. 150 km later I have learned how to tie the shoes better and the shaft has bent as I want them to a greater extent = great shoes to walk in. Now my legs and feet feel suprisingly fresh after a 20km walk. (though I have not tried them with a 15 kg backpack yet!)
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