Xinjiang and KKH September 2005

A mail from Clément Lefèvre contains some short but important information about the situation in Xinjiang.


218 Road

Well, six county are closed to independant travellers in Xinjiang, 5 of them
in the Ili / Narat Valley and one in Pamir near KGZ. Official reason is due
to the fact those are Semi-Military Areas.

Option are, as far as i understood from Police/Travel Agencies:
-Get a Travel Permit at Urumqi Police 50 RMB
-Get Caught by Police, pay 500RMB max, the receipt can be used as travel

Started from UMQ to Balungtai then the 218 to Yining no problem till we got
arrested near XinYuan.
300 RMB/person to be "punished for Having Broken Chinese regulation for
Foreign Travelers"

Road To Tibet

Yecheng to Aqmit (/Aqmeqit)
After Aqmit pass we tried to reach Tashkurgan. But due to landslides, it
takes now 5 days carrying your bike to pass this road.

The Chinese part will completely paved in August 06 according to the Yang Lu


I was in Pakistan in July and August

Some basic info.