Singapore - Stockholm  Part 1. 

Start from Singapore and through Malaysia.

lookseamalay2.JPG (30386 bytes) Warm and nice "beachcykling in Malaysia.
beachcycling.JPG (47212 bytes)  


laomountain.JPG (55477 bytes)

Finally encountering the first mountains. Northern Laos.  
ratmarket.JPG (70571 bytes) Food market in Vangvieng. Poor, everything that can be eaten for sale. The woman on the picture sells rats, beecakes and some other goodies. 
foodstall.JPG (62274 bytes) Foodbreak at a roadside restaurant.
mudhell.jpg (46146 byte) The asphalt finished and there was constant downpours. Loads of deep mud and roadcontruction on the road after Luang Prabang.
mudsleep.JPG (97294 bytes) Wasted. 
mudwheel.JPG (36016 bytes) The reason why.
crowdedccycling.JPG (85597 bytes) Hords of children followed us in the uphills.
tribalgirls.JPG (38165 bytes) Beautifully dressed minority people in a little village in northern Laos.
crowds.JPG (68821 bytes) Curiosity for the foreigners
curiousity.JPG (49377 bytes) Two worlds meet.

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