The Middle East Tour 1994.

tobbejannecaves.JPG (47027 bytes) Torjörn Lindgren and I in Kaymakli, the underground city in the Cappadoccia area. Turkey.
waterchannel.JPG (65674 bytes) Afternoon bath in a watercanal, central Turkey.
turkishhosp.JPG (62525 bytes) Fantastic hospitality wherever you went in Turkey, this time in the little village of Harmankoy. 
mountaincycling.JPG (73720 bytes) Central Turkey, great views and challenging cycling.
mtbcappadoccia.JPG (48448 bytes) Unlimited possibilities for extreme mountainbiking in Cappadoccia, Turkey.
caveclimbing.JPG (40454 bytes) Climbed down in a ventilation shaft in Kaymakli. Got a smaller shock when told it was approx. 80m deep. Turkey.
erciesdagi.JPG (28766 bytes) South summit of Ercies Dagi approx. 3700m. A really serious expedition in sandals, thermal underwear on our heads etc. Turkey.
beduins.JPG (33287 bytes) Two Bedouins appeared from out of nowhere. Was given kilos of tomatoes, which later kept us alive when running out of food. Syria.
Emptyness.JPG (180272 bytes) Empty, desolate and cold! Syrian desert close to Ar Rusafah, Syria.
syrian_desert.JPG (265382 bytes) Syrian desert  a couple of km from As Sukhnah, Syria.
iceindesert.JPG (34856 bytes) Ice! Syria.
chandrairuins.JPG (42511 bytes) Ramchandra, India. One of the legends of touring cycling. We met him in Palmyra, the site of one of the best preserved Roman ruins. At that time he had been in 130 countries, cycled 220 000 km during 12 years. He is still on the road...
haroinsnow.JPG (21261 bytes) Caught in a raging blizzard in the Lebanese mountains. This was the beginning of the end for the trip. Frostbitten feet. Sandals doesn't work very well in meter deep snow....