RCC - Road Construction Camps

Almost everywhere in China there are camps or small stations along the roads where the roadworkers live. In the more desolate areas of the country, these mini settlements are the only signs of year around civilization you'll find. The people who live is these places are somtimes very isolated from the rest of the world and like when there is something exciting happening -  for ex.  when a long distance cyclist coming by for a visit or asking for water.

Sometimes you can also buy food out of the small shop that some business oriented roadworkers have set up in the compound. In other places these people are living a very poor life and have nothing to offer you. You can always stop by for water and if you need any help with the choice of route - these people are the right ones to ask. Sometimes it's amazing how accurate their hints are (approx. 120 meters after roadsign 1175 look to your left, walk 200 meters and you'll find a little well).

I've many times been offerd to stay the night in these places and sometimes I have accepted the invitation. Be prepared to be the center for everyone's attention...