The bike in focus

tianshanbike.jpg (54149 byte)

What can I say...???

bikesuspension.JPG (49106 byte)

Front suspension. Xinjiang, China.

icysprockets.JPG (48008 byte)

Icy Sprockets. Katara Pass, Greece.

mudwheel.JPG (24709 byte)

Mud. Laos.

tsangpo3camsbike.JPG (37407 byte)

A way to cycle on a cable over Tsangpo River. Sit on the handlebars and pedal with your arms. China

tsanpo2camshub.JPG (34619 byte)

A close up of the construction. China.

tsangpo5coraxcloser.JPG (24379 byte)

A more sensible way to cross the river. China.

spokes.JPG (27824 byte)

When you don't have any alternatives, anything has to do. Had to stop and twin the spokes every 10-15km. On top of what you can see on the photo, it's a 36 hub and a 32 rim. It was a bit hard to true that one... China, Russia and Sweden.

brakepads.JPG (27378 byte)

Metal against metal. Ecuador.

foot.JPG (22688 byte)

When it's really wet for long periods of time, your feet can get damaged and almost rot...Shoes as wet as the surroundings...the only solution. China.

karakulhorns.JPG (81177 byte)

Bike decoration. Tajikistan.

boltsbroke.JPG (76105 byte)

The bolts to the back rack broke and...Kirghizstan.

deraileur.JPG (66713 byte)

Don't know what happened that time, but the back derailleur got into the back wheel and bent the drop out almost 180 degrees. Managed to bend it back. Pakistan. 

florsrack.JPG (52584 byte)

One way to fix a front rack. A section of a broom stick and some bolts. Colombia.

moriscockpit.JPG (71243 byte)

Mori's cockpit. He was on his way from Japan to South Africa. Every way is a good way. China.

racksticks.JPG (39712 byte)

Wooden sticks are always handy. China.

sprocketchange.JPG (90148 byte)

The middle front sprocket was shot. Had to put the big blade in the middle to get better alignment. Everything was actually shot. Also had to flip the front sprockets, which was an ok operation, to split the back cassette (with rocks and a screwdriver) was a completely different matter...China.

strappedtire.JPG (127466 byte)

When a tire doesn't fit, this is probably one of the possible solutions. China.

woodenhandlebars.JPG (35294 byte)

Wooden handle bars. Laos.

mcgrave.JPG (95726 byte)

If I finally get hit by one of those crazy bus drivers, this may be the way to have the final rest. I guess this guy died on his motor cycle and was buried on the spot. Kirghizstan.


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