Argentina 2005

We really had a great time in Argentina and managed to climb all the mountains we had intended to summit. The only negative aspect was the short period of time we had decided to spend there. I will NEVER take off for a cycling trip again unless I have unlimited amounts of time.

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Summits                              GPS alt./Official alt.  
San Bernardo 4143m/4200m
A nice little rock peak climbed as a first acclimatisation. Beautiful views, in perfect weather from the summit.
Great to be in the mountains again!
Vallecitos 5468m/5700m
Really bad weather rolling in. Had difficulties to decide if it was a go or no that day. Made it to the rocky summit and down just before the blizzard hit.
Platita/Pico Plata 5843m/6100m
It was not my intention to climb this peak, but cold feet made me look for ridges without snow. A long traverse to over Platita's three summits.
Plata 6064m/6310m
I was not 100% acclimatised and I felt the elevation on the way down from the area's highest summit.
Bonete 5060m/5004m
Viento blanco warnings all over the place. Went for Bonete anyway and the wind was insane on the summit ridge. Had to crawl the last 50m to the pointed little high point. Scary.
Manso 5516m/5557m
Went for Cuerno. Stopped by gear problems and the only summit I reached that day was Manso, which I climbed on the way towards my intended goal.
Aconcagua 6956m/6962m
Attacked from Nido at 9:15. Don't like to climb in the cold and dark. Arrived at the summit 5h later. Stayed on the summit for over 2 h. Perfect weather.
Bonete Chico photo_id=149470Bonete Chico 6764m/6759m
Went for this huge peak from far away. NIce weather until I reached the summit plateau, where sleet, hail and snow took over. 5m visibility on the summit. Long way back.
"Pissis II/Pissis East" 6812m/6776m
Nice snow climb. Too much snow in places and we had to go for the steeper parts. On the summit we realized we had climbed the wrong summit. A horrible feeling at first, but cool to have climbed something very unusual.
Bonete Grande 5939m/5943m
Steep and fast climb up this blade like-peak. Excellent views from the sharp and rocky summit ridge. A nice little peak.
Pissis photo_id=149657Pissis 6818m/6795m
South America's 3'rd highest peak. Remote and beautiful. The most heavily glaciated peak on the Puna.
Incahuasi photo_id=151311Incahuasi 6653m/6621m
Horribly dry and very hard to get up on the light pebbles. A bit disappointing not to find any Incan altars.
Ojos Del Salado 6899m/6893m
South America's 2'nd highest peak and the highest volcano in the world. High speed climb in bad conditions. Very hard winds.