Singapore - Stockholm Part 2.

Beautiful Yunnan.

tribesyunnan.JPG (59886 bytes) Minority girls in Lancang.
patchagriculture.JPG (64901 bytes) Map reading in the hilly landscape of Yunnan..
redscarftribalwoman.JPG (37790 bytes) Tribal woman in Lincang.
tigerleapinggorge.JPG (52016 bytes) Cycled the The Tiger Leaping Gorge. Very exhausting mistake and that had been it.
mapreading.JPG (62092 bytes) A couple of hunters we met in northern Yunnan. Helped me out translating the Chinese character maps.
tibetanfood.JPG (56720 bytes) First contact with ethnical Tibet, just before Zhongdian. A meal of potatoes and tea.
yakbuttertea.JPG (49921 bytes) First encounter with the "Yak butter tea". Tea, yak butter (often a bit rancid) and salt. Pretty disgusting taste, but good for getting warm.

Entering Tibet.

switchbacks.JPG (102229 bytes) On the way up to the first 4000 m pass. The "triple pass" before Deqen.
triplepass.JPG (59824 bytes) Close to the top of the first pass.
mtmeili.JPG (28689 bytes) Mt Meili. Yunnan's highest mountain, 6740m. At the time writing, unclimbed.
foodonroad.JPG (52529 bytes) Sometimes very difficult to find camp spots on the steep mountainsides. Here I had to camp on a smaller side road.
yanjingcamp.JPG (91254 bytes) Sneaked past the checkpoint in Yanjing. The official border between Yunnan and Xizang/Tibet. Slept in a dry riverbed to avoid the attention from the PSB.
beforemarkam.JPG (72616 bytes) Waiting for the sun to set. Markam's infamous checkpoint was ahead. After loads of dog attacks we managed to get through without any hassles.
monkwalk.JPG (47518 bytes) I found it quite hard to travel in these areas, but some made it even harder. This monk was on his way to Lhasa. When I met him he had traveled 300km and he had another 900km to go. Prostrating himself for every step...down on the knees, kiss the ground, back up again, down on the finitum.
74switchbacks.JPG (65149 bytes) The famous switchback section after Sanchin Pass. "The 74 Switchbacks" brought us from 4600 m, down to Salween river valley at 2700m.
rawuvalley.JPG (63201 bytes) The wonderful Rawu valley.
Road conditions around Tongmai The not-that-wonderful road condition in Tongmai area.
oldwoman.JPG (43588 bytes) Old Tibetan woman in Lhasa.
buddhas.JPG (91518 bytes) The famous carved out Buddha statues between Lhasa and Shigatze.
psbwarning.JPG (65518 bytes) Writing an encrypted warning for the PSB on the road outside Shigatze. Escartin=Chris's favourite cyclist.
Eureka= The tent brand Chris use.
In other words: Chris, use the tent!
fuckedup.JPG (28453 bytes) Run over by a bus on the way to India. Broke the scapula bone, dislocated the collar bone + a lot of other smaller injuries.

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